ADS & Power Generation Sales Engineer Position


Based on Thermocoax Development Group Rules and US Sales Team Requests, the key roles of the ADS & Power Generation Sales Engineer are:

  • Reaching or exceeding sales objectives for Aerospace, Defense, Space and Power Generation companies assigned to him/her
  • Following-up on leads, RFQs and POs
  • Scheduling sales and technical meetings with prospects and clients to promote Thermocoax Isopad Solutions.
  • Project management from start (design) to finish (delivery and payment)
  • Seek new development opportunities: new applications and leads
  • In charge of the ITAR projects with US Engineering and Production in accordance with the US applicable Rules

Essential Responsibilities:

  1. Targeted, coherent and planned scheduling of visits (sales and technical meetings) with Leads and Clients
  2. Actively participate in Industry Specific Tradeshows, Conventions and Conferences.
  3. Clear understanding of customer needs and of their industry
  4. Work collaboratively internally with the relevant THX departments on solutions to applications and projects
  5. Prepare, present and follow-up on Proposals using the company CRM
  6. Negotiate contracts with THX Management
  7. Actively pursue application-based leads from ADS and Power Gen. Business Developer
  8. Share with Marketing market and industry awareness (competition, new technologies, etc)
  9. Daily usage of the company CRM for scheduling visits, reporting meeting minutes and actively follow-up on proposals
  10. Organize strategic visits to the company’s plants in the France, Germany and the USA to promote THX and our capabilities.
  11. Hierarchy: Reports to THX Inc General Manager.
  12. Works closely with ADS and Power Gen Global Business Developer based in Paris, France as well as Engineering and Manufacturing (in the US for ITAR projects and France/Germany for all other projects), and Sales Management for Sensitive Strategic Projects.   

Educational Requirements Needed to Perform the Duties of the Job:

  1. BS or MS
  2. Professional presentation and communication skills
  3. A team work spirit
  4. US Citizen
  5. Excellent computer skills

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