Discover how SALVEO group assisted one of the world’s energy leaders complete a 2 billion euros construction site in Algeria!

The problem of the company

Our client oversees two infrastructure projects using gas turbines and turbo alternators. As a group of subsidiaries, they generate several billion euros. They lead two sites of strategic interest for the Algerian state: a cement plant and a mega-powerplant. 

To carry out quality controls and the commissioning of gas turbines necessary for both sites, our client needed the support of a technical assistance provider. This provider they appointed is well established in Europe, however, does not have any legal structure in Algeria. The portage of the client’s employees by this provider is therefore impossible. 

Furthermore, strict controls imposed by the Algerian Bank for the export of currencies out of the country generates significant difficulties in paying foreign providers. 


These legal and administrative constraints may cause construction delays costing tens of thousands of euros. 

The solutions provided

The SALVEO group offered its client two immediate operational solutions:

  • A locally based financial service to answer the providers’ questions on payments. 
  • The assurance of complying with the country’s legal framework and wage portage of foreign experts working on site.

What are the results today?

Thanks to our pragmatic solutions, our client was able to legally assign indispensable experts to ensure the successful completion of the projects evaluated at 2 billion euros. Within the time scale, without penalties and without administrative or regulatory risk. 

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