Our Team

Our directors on the ground are experienced and act daily in their specific and cultural context. We are experienced in business practices in our host countries and enjoy a high level of expertise that allows us to provide operational advice.

Our operation management carries out regular monitoring for market and product experts to meet the high standards of our clients. We evaluate our internal and external teams constantly. Our staff also includes great career diplomats and former ambassadors.

Market Experts

Fabienne VERTE

director Asia

30 years of international development expertise. Export manager of multiple SMEs and strategy consulting for new market penetration. She speaks French, English, German and Italian. She has a Master in International Business at Le Havre, France.

Tristan COTTE

Director Africa | Middle East | India

20 years of export management in various industrial groups and intensive in-depth experience in Africa and the Middle East. Former General Manager of a group specializing in anaerobic digestion. He speaks French, English, German and Italian. He has been educated in ISC Paris.


Director Russia | IEC

20 years at the SALVEO Group, 13 years in Russia as General Manager of our subsidiary in Moscow. Vladimir has worked for more than 1,200 of our clients. Is in France since 2010. He speaks French, Russian and English. He has been educated at the ISCT.


Senior VP

25 years of general management of SMEs and industrial MSEs in international environment and management of teams and shareholders in the growth of their activities. He speaks English. He has an MBA and was educated at the Arts & Métiers School.


International HR Solutions Director

20 years of expertise in Human Resources Management and Technical Assistance in France and abroad including 10 years in the Middle East. She is in charge of our international HR solutions. She speaks French and English. She has been educated in Sciences-Po Paris, France.


Senior VP | International Development

20 years of sales management in France and abroad. Professional knowledge of 40 countries on 5 continents. Expert in development and restructuring of distribution networks, especially in franchise mode. He speaks French, English, German. He has a License from the University of Savoy, France.


Senior VP | International Development

25 years of international career. Outsourced export management & development in Europe, project management in Russia (3 years), management & business development in Morocco (14 years). Support to the development & implementation of European companies in Morocco. She speaks English, Spanish, German, Russian. Cambridge University – Master in Business & International Law at the University of Nantes, France.

International Team


DIRECTOR of the American markets

Six years of experience in supporting the development of Canadian companies abroad and foreign companies in their expansion plan in Canada. She speaks French, English and Spanish. She has a MA in International Affairs from the NPSIA Carleton University of Ottawa, Canada.


DIRECTOR of North America

Four years of experience in export development in the USA for a French start-up and then as Global Operations Manager within the SALVEO Group. She speaks English, Spanish and French. She has been educated at the Northern Illinois University and at the IAE in Grenoble, France.

Alexandre GOUDIER


Ten years of experience including 8 in Mexico for large multinational groups and Mexican SMEs in retail, mechanical, packaging and childcare industries. He speaks French, English and Spanish. Key Accounts Management diploma at the NEOMA Business School.


Morocco DIRECTOR | Africa

Responsible for the strategic development of foreign companies in Morocco with the mission to increase the attractiveness of Morocco in key sectors. She speaks Arabic, French, English and Spanish. She has an International Business Master at the IESEG School of Management.



10 years in the SALVEO Group. Specialist of support to foreign companies in Algeria. More than 400 client companies assisted. She speaks Arabic. French and English. She has been educated at BBA Sonatrach Algiers, Algeria.

Flora YAPO

Ivory Coast DIRECTOR

More than 12 years of office-based management and participation in project development. Operational and administrative manager of SALVEO Group for customer development support in West Africa. She has been educated at the UCASM business management of Abidjan, Ivory Coast.


UAE DIRECTOR | Middle East

Five years at the SALVEO Group in charge of the Middle East business, then management of our subsidiary in Dubai. Middle East Zone time sales management, for several client companies. He speaks French, English and Arabic. He has a Master 2 Management and International Marketing in Lyon, France.


China DIRECTOR | Asia

12 years of career in China, including 9 years in strategic consulting, development and implementation of foreign companies. More than 800 client companies. He speaks French, English and Mandarin. He has been educated at the INSEEC Group specializing in International Affairs in France.

Vibhor GUPTA


20 years in India in various industries (health, agribusiness, industry) including 10 years in the SALVEO Group. He speaks English and Hindi. He has a diploma from the International Management Institute New Delhi, India.


Kazakhstan DIRECTOR

6 years of experience in supporting the development of French and European companies in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. In Kazakhstan since 2012. He speaks French, English and Russian. He has an MBA from the Nicholls State University Louisiana, USA. CSECESCE.



20 years of experience and business development in Ukraine, Russia and other Russian-speaking areas. Leader of East Expansion since 1998. He speaks French, Russian and English. He has been educated at the Higher School of Business Audencia in Nantes, France.

Mariette LAPRAS


2 years in the SALVEO Group, in charge of development projects in Russia. She speaks French, English and Russian. She has been educated at the Sciences Po of Bordeaux, France.

Corporate Team


Manager Invest & Trade Projects

4 years in Chamber of Commerce. Tennessee Official Representation (FDI). Official representation of Valencia (Trade). He speaks Spanish, French and English. He has been educated in UPV Bilbao, Spain, at the IAE Bordeaux and ECEMA Lyon in France.


Director Extenda Canada

3 years in Chamber of Commerce and large groups. Responsible for the territorial representation of Andalusia in Canada. She speaks French, English and Spanish. She has been educated at the MSc International Management UQAM in Montreal, Canada.

Aurélien BRESSON

Communication Director

In charge of the internal and external communication of SALVEO Group. Web-marketing expert (SEA, sales tunnels, …). He speaks French and English. He has been educated at the EMLYON, France.


Business Development Manager

Legal assistant in international criminal law in Argentina. Customer manager in Canada before joining the SALVEO Group. She speaks French and English. She has a Master 2 in International Law of Limoges, France and the School of Management Sciences of Montreal, Canada.


Director Chaine de la Croissance

20 years in the field of economic intelligence, ADIT, CEIS. Reporter, presenter, image reporter. He has a master 2.


Operations director

15 years of career in Russia, within the SALVEO Group. Operations Director. More than 1500 client companies French. Russian. English. DESS Russian and International Trade. INALCO Paris

Lorenzo VIGNAL

Director Americas

30 years of international diplomacy. Adviser to the Mexican President from 2000 to 2006. Ambassador of Mexico to Sweden, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine. He speaks 10 different languages. COLMEX Mexico. FLACSO. IPADE. ITAM.



26 years in the SALVEO Group. Founder in 1991 of the activity in Poland. International expansion specialists. OSCI director and adviser to leaders of international groups. Shareholder and Leader. He speaks French and English. European and International Business Management Paris.



19 years of career with the SALVEO Group. Branch Manager India. Shareholder. CEO. Creation of subsidiaries in India, Algeria, Canada. French. English. CGPEGC. Audencia St Nazaire Group. He has been educated at the Longwood University of Virginia, USA and has a diploma of International Affairs at the University Dnepropetrovsk in Ukraine.