Implementation : Acquisition​

Your Challenges

  • Accelerate your growth and increase your commercial influence in a market
  • Acquire a competitor to seize a brand with strong notoriety
  • Become a “local” company to respond to the country’s tenders
  • Develop synergies to reduce your cost centres
  • Penetrate a sector or control your supplies

Our Value Proposition

  • We work alongside our clients in a transparent way, from the prospecting phases until the signing phases.
  • We are the only private international support group to have integrated an entire value chain to support our customers in their acquisition projects.
  • We detect and qualify the most relevant targets that exist in a market.
  • We present your project and strategy to the decision makers of the targets that you have validated.
  • We supervise with you the NDA, LOI and key documents in the acquisition process.
  • We carry out due diligence and audits with the support of our shareholder, Groupe ADIT, European leader in Economic Intelligence.
  • We interview a representative panel of stakeholders to validate the soundness of the targets (industrial, technical, commercial, financial, compliance, etc.).
  • We control the general timing with you and the councils of both parties, and we make the exchanges more fluid throughout the project.
  • We advise you in the negotiation phases until the final signing: do you buy at the right price? Did you anticipate governance conflicts? Are there social and cultural gaps?

Your Benefits

  • Acquisitions are probably one of the most successful vehicles for market penetration…when the project is well managed. 70% of acquisition projects fail: poor preparation, rush, underestimation of cultural differences and management methods between the parties, hidden agendas, unidentified “surprises,” etc…
  • We significantly reduce the risks associated with your investment.
  • We bring you reliable, supported and verified information at all stages of the acquisition process: the search for the most relevant targets; company inspections; reputation control of the ultimate shareholders, legal and financial audits, etc…
  • We are your eyes and ears and your strike force on the ground, upstream, during and after the acquisition, right through to the phases of operational implementation.