Business development : After Sales Service

Your Challenges

Provide a tailor-made after-sales service to:

  • Retain your customers and develop your sales in a market
  • Reassure your customers by providing them with a high level of service
  • Remain compliant with local regulations
  • Reduce your product warranty costs

Our Value Proposition

  • Comes in addition to the existing structure of your after-sales service policy.
  • We manage logistics and local invoicing: you do not need to have your own legal structure in the country.
  • We set up and manage your networks of repair and maintenance.
  • We set up and manage your stock of spare parts (logistics, customs).
  • We provide your customers with a dedicated white labelled “Hotline”.
  • We manage the returns at your headquarters.

Your Benefits

  • You have your own turnkey after-sales service that allows you to stay focused on your core business.
  • The set up of our outsourced after-sales service solution generates additional sales of parts or components produced.
  • You reduce your guarantee budgets.
  • You retain your customers.