Operational Strategy : Certification

Your Challenges

  • Obtain local certifications and approvals to sell your products. For some markets, customs clearance is given only when certificates are provided.
  • Comfort your customers and users on the fact that your products are compliant with the local standards of a country. In some countries, certification is a form of non-tariff barrier, so the challenge is for you to access the market in the best conditions.

Our Value Proposition

  • Research and acquisition of reliable information about the certification procedures and approvals for your range of products in a specific country.
  • Management of the procedures of certification upon receipt of your confirmation.
  • Obtaining your certifications and product registrations.
  • Legal representation of your interests towards local authorities and consumers (as local structure).

Your Benefits

  • You are in control of all the procedures and documents that make up your approval files (budget, delays, prerequisites and key factors for obtaining certificates, validity period, etc.).
  • You delegate obtaining your approvals which may take several months or years, depending on the products. We coordinate and manage locally with local authorities on your behalf.
  • You get your certificates in your name and not in the name of your distributor, it gives you a competitive advantage and a powerful level of independence.
  • Altogether, you are no longer captive of your distributors and you can strengthen your commercial presence with flexibility and freedom of action in your markets.