Local Implementation : Creation of Subsidiary

Your Challenges

  • Master your marketing strategy, your market and recover your margin
  • Strengthen your image of international company
  • Position yourself as the leader of your market
  • Reinforce your presence and gain credibility with your stakeholders
  • Free yourself from dependence on your importers/distributors
  • Bill in the currency of the country and develop your customers
  • Provide your expatriated employees with the status of local employees

Our Value Proposition

  • Our turnkey formula and local presence allow you to secure and accelerate the process of creating your subsidiary.
  • We control the legislation in force and share our experience with you to support your decisions.
  • We are your one-stop shop. As such, you benefit from a single point of contact who will guide you in the process of creating your future entity.
  • We work as a “prime contractor” that works closely with local or international law firms, according to your requirements for the legal aspects.
  • We have signed a partnership agreement with BDO, the 5th largest global player in auditing, consulting and accounting, in order to bring our customers a high level of expertise.
  • We chose BDO because of the scope of its worldwide coverage (150 locations worldwide), for its transversal influence on all topics of implementation abroad and for its ideal organization for companies that need answers that are concrete, quick and well-argued.
  • At your request, we use the existing public financing schemes (see our Financing Product for more on this subject).
    We carry out the steps for the incorporation of your legal structure under local law by bringing you customized advice on the advantages and disadvantages, specific to your situation for the different options: Choice of legal form; Amount of capital; Structuring the balance sheet: analysis of the options available to you in terms of financing (capital or intragroup financing) and the tax treatment of relative taxes (interest on current account and dividends, implementation of a transfer pricing tax policy between the “parent” and “child” companies; Location; Drafting articles and mandatory documents: setting up the legal formalities necessary to start your activity and other mandatory documents; Formalities: we will take care of the formalities to create your company with the competent bodies; Opening a bank account; Incorporation…
  • We give you “the keys” of your structure within a few weeks or months, depending on the target country.

Your Benefits

  • You secure your project thanks to a global response from the SALVEO Group on all aspects of international implementation.
  • You are supported daily by an experienced team based in the country to represent your interests and facilitate your implementation.
  • Within the legal minimum period, you receive your ID number and can start your business: your subsidiary is created in accordance with the legislation in force.
  • Your company has an international image and gives you credibility towards your business and financial partners.
  • You perfectly master your market, you maintain your margins and no longer entrust them to your sole distributor.
  • Our Site Managers become your legal representative or Temporary Branch Manager, in case your employee is not yet operational at the start of the structure.
  • You can choose to entrust us with the day-to-day management of your subsidiary: accounting, financial, tax and HR management.