Business development : Due Diligence

Your Challenges

  • Collect all information of a strategic nature regarding your existing or potential partners (companies, main stakeholders, employees, etc.) in order to assess the risks associated with a partnership for all types of projects: representation, distribution, production, acquisition, “key person” recruitment, JV
  • Protect you from risks: performance, compliance, ethics, practices, malice, litigation, copying, corruption…

Our Value Proposition

We operate on two levels :

  • In the framework of reputable studies, based essentially on public information: our teams check the legal existence of the company in its country and the respect of its legal and commercial obligations, the direct shareholders, the activities pursued and the main trading partners, the notoriety and reputation of the shareholders and leaders of the target company, the screening lists including US and Intergovernmental Blacklists and financial information. We have developed methods to collect and analyze information published on different electronic networks. We have tools/robots developed internally to search the various spheres of Web 2.0.
  • In the framework of in-depth studies, which include a field survey conducted by experienced investigators on: the capital structure, the related companies, image and reputation, networks, litigation, legal proceedings and convictions, OECD compliance, search for potential links with public officials or politically exposed people (PEPs) and collection of financial information and payment history of the company.

Your Benefits

  • You get a report that presents the analysis of all the elements collected. It highlights the most important points in terms of risk analysis and decision support. Relevant information is sourced and contains a summary of the results obtained as well as a “SWOT” type analysis and strategic recommendations.
  • You get structured elements to arm yourself in the negotiation phase, to guide your decisions (go/no go), to anticipate the risks and protect yourself and your company.