Operational Strategy : D | VOC

Your Challenges

Whatever which stage your innovation is at (intuitions, ideas, concepts, projects, patents) and their nature (products, services, processes, technologies, algorithms, etc.), you need fast and reliable answers to take the right decisions to expand internationally. You need to:

  • justify your decisions with objective elements
  • know the concrete expectations of key players in target markets
  • access targeted customers and potential users
  • identify innovations that have a real market potential
  • explore the potential of those innovations in new markets

Our Value Proposition

  • We question your market on the basis of the perceived value of your innovations’ benefits. You are directly in touch with your core target globally.
  • The quantitative and qualitative results allow you a concrete use of data, directly applicable.
  • We build your database of key players really fast, thanks to the powerful algorithms of our Digital Voice of Customer D | VOC ®.
  • Our tool taps into all the global social networks, presents your innovation to the targeted decision-makers, questions them and collects their interests.

Your Benefits

  • We guarantee a summary of market opportunities in three short weeks.
  • You can directly contact your prospects and potential partners who have introduced themselves nominally and turn these contacts into business thanks to our team.
  • The results are validated and delivered by our teams.
  • You validate your sales pitch, the robustness of your innovation, the priority markets to concentrate on the geographical areas where you have reaped the most positive returns.
  • You save the cost of a booth on a show, multiplied by as many countries you have considered exhibiting…