Business development : Lead Generation

Your Challenges

  • Increase your sales in a new or existing market
  • Enter a market quickly and efficiently by setting up your distribution network
  • Develop your presence through complementary partnerships (geographical coverage, sector expertise)
  • Challenge the worst performers of your partners by identifying alternative solutions
  • In a nutshell: take control of your business development and your business growth

Our Value Proposition

  • Our teams follow 130 lines of internal protocol to produce our prospecting actions: we guarantee the conformity of the targets with your expectations and specifications.
  • We do not just make a few phone calls and organize a book of appointments: we prefer to leave these practices to others …
  • Our dedicated employee travels to your headquarters for a 1-3 day introductory training to “enter” in your environment and integrate your products and work values.
  • Our team identifies and approach your main end-users to understand their needs.
  • Our tools allow us to obtain top-notch information on: the presence of your competitors, the level of turnover achieved locally, your competitors’ customers…
  • We meet “physically” each importer and distributor that meet your expectations.
  • We qualify their position in the market: reputation, range of products and suppliers, development strategy, interest in your offer.
  • We get in touch with some of the suppliers of the most interesting targets to validate business information.
  • We give you a list of carefully selected potential partners.
  • Thanks to our weekly reporting you validate the quality of the targets, their compliance with your expectations and we organise your first exchanges with the targets.
  • Our dedicated employee supports you in the negotiation phase with the validated targets.
  • We manage with you the relation with your partner until the operational start.
  • In short: we are literally setting up your distribution network within a few months.
  • It should be noted that we often go even further and perform due diligence and partner integrity reviews to guard against any potential risk to target compliance. See our DUE DILIGENCE Product below.

Your Benefits

  • You obtain a clear view of your market with an overview of the main contractors and existing importers/distributors.
  • You save tens of thousand of £ that you do not invest in exhibiting in a trade fair!
  • You gain valuable time in the initial phase because we put you directly in front of your target audience.
  • You are secure in your approach to the market because you work in pairs with our local teams who navigate the markets on a daily basis.
    You get important leverage effects to challenge those of your local partners whose results are the least efficient.