Operational Strategy : Market Intelligence

Your Challenges

  • Understand quickly the keys of success in a market: competitive intelligence of the players involved, constraints of a market, business intelligence relative to market opportunities, technology screening, environmental monitoring, opinion watch on your reputation, etc.

  • Anticipate changes and future developments of a market to adapt your offer, your innovations, your positioning, your degree of establishment in the target market, if any.

  • Avoid risks to ensure that you comply with your CSR policy.

Our Value Proposition

  •  We create highly targeted actions to bring you the keys to a market depending on your level of maturity in it (market entry, development of a presence or withdrawing from a market.

  • We deliver in a few days an accurate and bespoke reporting of store checks , whether it is in a BtoB or BtoC environment. 
  •  We give you monitoring reports as part of a long-term subscription to follow the evolution of your markets and your strategic concerns, in one or more countries at the same time.

    – Our actions are always tailor-made to stick to your specific needs.

Your Benefits

  •  You are informed of the strategic movements of your sector.
  • You get real-time, regular and reliable feedback from the field.
  • You are secure in your decision-making thanks to the objective information provided.
  • You benefit from clear and detailed recommendations.