Business Development : PARTNER AUDIT

Your Challenges

  • Boost your turnover
  • Validate ability of your existing partner(s) to achieve results
  • In a word: validate that you have the right partners (importers, distributors, integrators, agents) to develop your offer in a country

Our Value Proposition

  • We perform an anonymous and comprehensive evaluation of your partner to qualify their expansion capabilities in a specific area.
  • We call an “anonymous” evaluation an audit performed without the target being aware of it.
  • We act discreetly and get information you can not get directly from your partners.
  • We obtain background elements on areas such as: organisation, suppliers, global offer, development priorities, strategy and vision at 3 years, customer portfolio, reputation, sector coverage area, commercial approach, level of relationship with key contacts and decision-makers, “off” feedback on your offer, understanding of your issues and expectations, expansion capacity.

Your Benefits

  • We answer two very simple questions: does your partner have 1) the desire (strategy, supplier relationship, will) and 2) the capacity (technical culture, human resources, budget and business knowledge) to represent you in the long-run and get your sales off the ground?
  • We give you recommendations and suitable advice. Are you right to continue investing time and money to “upscale” your partner? Has it incorporated the interest (financial, strategic, commercial) that your collaboration can represent for him? What action plan should you put in place?
  • Our action and recommendations allow you to support your decision to continue or not with your partner.