Operational Strategy : Public funding​

Your Challenges

  • You wonder about the existing government programme to support your financial effort for your export projects: prospecting new markets, strengthening HR, establishment of subsidiary, acquisition, manufacturing, etc…
  • There are several public funding mechanisms, subject to conditions that are sometimes complex and disqualifying, it is always time-consuming.

Our Value Proposition

  • We study on your behalf all public financing schemes to which your company and your projects may be eligible to.
  • We look at the mechanisms that apply to international business development, to innovation, to investments (upgrade of machines and standards, filing trademarks, etc.) or HR.
  • Our expertise of public financing and country specific tax regulations allows us to optimize all the schemes that your company can benefit from. We manage all the time-consuming procedures.

Your Benefits

  • You save time and get an answer within a few weeks as to your eligibility.
  • You are advised on the best existing practices in terms of recourse to public funding.
  • We prepare for you the files in close relation with the CFO and the General Management.
  • We coordinate and manage the project until agreements and funding are obtained.
  • Our remuneration is partly linked to success.