Local Implementation : Shares Transfer

Your Challenges

  • Display an physical presence by a commercial or industrial entity in a country
  • Support a production/logistics investment in a target market
  • Set up a suitable legal structure into place, in perfect compliance with your shareholders/your managers in a regulatory context with a high level of constraint: for example 49-51% ownership
  • Use a capital-intensive partner of trust and proximity that makes it possible to ensure governance of the local structure (subsidiary, acquisition, JV)

Our Value Proposition

  • We begin with a preliminary audit of your situation to outline our involvement, validated by our respective lawyers.
  • We give you a schematic structure to put together with a dividend distribution project (%), validated by our lawyers.
  • We build a tailor-made contract for the transfer of shares, validated by our respective legal departments.
  • We validate with you the form and the scope of the entrusted mandate.
  • We act as an operational mediator with the local partner(s)/shareholder(s), stakeholder(s) in the project, to have them validated.
  • We set up a draft shareholder and governance agreement projects that are counter-validated by councils and notaries.
  • We assist you in the establishment of the structure (see Our Subsidiary Creation Product) and ensure its outsourced management.

Your Benefits

  • You become the majority shareholder of your legal structure, in the target country which.
  • You are able to manage your subsidiary in complex countries.
  • We guarantee that the management of your local subsidiary is in line with the local context and the expectations of your shareholders.