Local Implementation : Study | Transfer price

Your Challenges

  • Get a foothold in a new market or consolidate your presence in an existing market
  • Satisfy the request of a major client
  • Choose the optimal form of implantation: direct, JV
  • Identify the most relevant sites for your implementation project (commercial, industrial)
  • Validate or challenge your provisional business plan
  • Structure your mark-ups as part of setting up your transfer pricing policy

Our Value Proposition

  • Our local team implements highly operational actions to deliver concrete results.
  • Depending on the nature of your challenges (commercial development, production) we act at different levels: legal analysis, geographical analysis, business analysis, financial and fiscal analysis.
  • We work as a “prime contractor” working closely with local or international law firms.
  • We signed a partnership agreement with BDO, the 5th largest global player in auditing, consulting and accounting, in order to bring our customers a high level of expertise. BDO has a wide worldwide coverage (150 locations), an influence on all topics of implementation abroad.
  • We analyze the different schemes to define your own transfer pricing policy.
  • We use the existing public financing schemes.
  • We carry out legal and tax studies to validate the implementation format (type of structure, form (partners, capital, governance), organic growth, external growth).
  • We bring you up-to-date information on the procedures to create the structure, from tax aspects to labour law in the target country.
  • We explore the most judicious implementation sites by directly qualifying the free zones, industrial parks and government agencies that support foreign direct investment. We go as far as collecting the testimony of foreign companies established locally.
  • We select the sites that best match the criteria you have defined and we support you during your visit in order to validate your final selection.

Your Benefits

  • You secure your project thanks to a global response from the SALVEO Group on all aspects of international implementation.
  • You rely on tangible, verified and verifiable evidence to make informed decisions and engage in a viable and sustainable project.
  • You are supported daily by an experienced, dedicated team that is based in the country, in order to represent your interests, facilitate your implementation and secure your development.