Implementation : Subsidiary Audit

Your Challenges

  • Increase the turnover of your subsidiaries
  • Reinforce your development through targeted actions: how to boost your turnover? What is the business model to refine in countries where you have subsidiaries? Is your country team calibrated to meet the challenge?
  • Validate the level of your sales team in your subsidiaries: do you have the right team? How to make it progress? How to replace it?

Our Value Proposition

  • We carry out a first preparation meeting with you to validate the key points to discuss with your teams
  • Our Implementation Manager conducts individual interviews locally with each members of your subsidiary : technical level, commercial level, checking the sales pitch, feedback about targets, the state of the market, the competition, industry good practices, sales organization, feedback on local and remote management (seen from your subsidiary), motivation, frustrations, needs…
    We give you an audit report including our recommendations: do you have the right team? Do your employees have the ability to open the right doors? Do they have the ability to penetrate the right targets? Do they have the right tools, the right management? What is the model of performance measurement? Are they motivated by their profession? Are they looking for work elsewhere? …
  • In practice and by experience, we conclude with two options:
    • Option 1: we recommend keeping your team in place because it efficiently represents your interests locally with an support plan to bring it upmarket and increase commercial expertise. We give you proposals of training plans and expertise acquisition to your sales team: preparing a pitch, targeting prospects, approach, etc .. We can achieve a tailor-made approach for your account: from preparing elements until they can be implemented in your organization to the continuous training of your team
    • Option 2: we recommend revitalizing your level of business resources by recruiting more experienced and successful talent. In this case, we offer you to create a benchmark action to identify high-level employees and provide you with detailed feedback (recruitment/ team implementation option, etc…

Your Benefits

  • Acquisitions are probably one of the most successful vehicles for market penetration…when the project is well managed. 70% of acquisition projects fail: poor preparation, rush, underestimation of cultural differences and management methods between the parties, hidden agendas, unidentified “surprises,” etc…
  • We significantly reduce the risks associated with your investment.
  • We bring you reliable information at all stages of the acquisition: the search for the most relevant targets; company inspections; reputation control of the ultimate shareholders, legal and financial audits, etc…
  • We are your eyes and ears and your strike force on the ground, upstream, during and after the acquisition, right through to the phases of operational implementation.