Hi-Tech Park Haining Representative

The SALVEO Group has signed an investment agency agreement with the Zhejiang Haining Economic Development Zone Administrative Committee to attract French companies to its territory. Haining Hi-Tech Park is a technology park located near Shanghai. It represents a strategic and economic solution for companies that have a location or relocation project in China. This project has a double label, French Industries of the future and Chinese Made in China 2025. It has a triple dimension: industrialtrainingresearch.

This project is inspired by the German example. When a Land wants to facilitate the establishment of its companies in a Chinese economic zone, it begins by creating a German-Chinese training center to offer its companies technicians trained in German methods. The same model is reproduced with the Haining project, which aims to consolidate the locations of many French companies in an industrial environment guaranteeing the training of their future Chinese employees will meet their expectations.

Haining Hi-Tech Park, considered a model by the Chinese authorities, is classified as a national project. As a result, it enjoys the support of the Central Government of China, in addition to that of Zhejiang Province, where the city of Haining is located.

Long regarded as the factory of the world, China is facing rising labor costs, environmental problems and a scarcity of resources, coupled with a decline in exports. Inspired by the German “Industry 4.0”, Made in China 2025 aims to boost the Chinese industrial sector. To do this, it relies on innovation, the integration of information technologies, the strengthening of an industry that is more respectful of the environment, a restructuring of the manufacturing sector and its internationalization. Ten key sectors will be targeted by the policies put in place: CNC machine tools and robots, new information technologies, aeronautical equipment, ocean engineering equipment and high-tech vessels; railway equipment, new energy vehicles, new materials, biomedicine, agricultural machinery.

It is in this spirit that the plan “Made in China 2025”, similar in many respects to the French plan “Industry of the Future” is a request for cooperation. China favors its domestic market which itself aspires to new products. This is obviously a great opportunity for French industrial companies, known and recognized for their know-how and their sense of creativity.

Haining is located in the heart of the Yangtze River Delta, between Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou. Its location, close to these major cities, is a major asset for French companies that will settle there.
Close to Shanghai, where many head offices of foreign companies are concentrated (especially for their R&D, administrative and financial management activities), Haining is connected by a highway and a fast train. Hence a great ease of communication, much appreciated by expatriates wishing to go to the Shanghai for the weekend. The new 33-hectare development zone in Haining has been accredited as the “Yangtze Delta National Pilot Zone” by the Chinese central government.

As an immediate neighbour to Shanghai’s city-province, Haining offers both a less urbanized environment and world-class industrial facilities: overlooking Hangzhou Bay, it is also located near other major industrial basins, such as Suzhou and Hangzhou. In the last five years, Haining Industrial Zone has experienced the installation of more than 200 industrial businesses, including a quarter of large companies. Among its advantages:

  • an exceptional geographical situation
  • a high-quality transport infrastructure and logistics network
  • very competitive operational costs compared to neighbouring cities
  • a rich and varied offer in human resources, with a training system collaborating with French institutions and universities
  • a professional team at your disposal at any time.

Key sectors: Textile and leather | Energy and new materials | Packing | Equipment manufacturing | Automotive parts | Electronics | Food

The SALVEO Group has signed a one-year contract on mainland China. The commitments of the mandate include:

  • Organize 2 to 3 appointments per month, prospecting with French companies to detect those who need to relocate and offer them to locate in Haining
  • Set up 6 business visits to Haining per year
  • Provide Haining with the support necessary to promote its Sino-French industrial park
  • Provide location request information

Encouraging results have been achieved. With several organized meetings, arousing strong interests, looking for partner or investor search to mount floating solar panels projects. There was also the project of a large French group on the training of alternating technicians within Haining.

The SALVEO Group organized an event designed for French industrialists based in China and Shanghai. This meeting made it possible to meet the expectations of the manufacturers present, in particular PSA, AREVA, MICHELIN, ST MICROELECTRONICS, DESCOTE, GTT:

  • Provide maximum added value on a strong and topical theme.
  • Gather and better connect manufacturers, SMEs, mid-cap companies and MNCs, around topics that concern them all.
  • Get to know each other better and help each other to boost everyone’s development in this highly competitive and complex environment.

Anne Severin of DS Avocats and Arnaud Sebban de GSE Group shared their experiences on the opportunities and impacts of investing in China. Founded in Paris in 1972, DS Avocats today brings together nearly four hundred business lawyers practicing in a network of 26 offices. Global contractor in real estate business, GSE is the specialist of “turn-key solutions”: it provides design, construction and/or renovation with a commitment to price, time and the quality of its achievements.

R. BOURGEOIS, 1st French company based in Haining

R.BOURGEOIS is one of the world leaders in the production and supply of magnetic circuits, rotors and stators in magnetic steel, and in assemblies for the electric motors and generators industries.

R.BOURGEOIS exports more than 70% of its sales worldwide. The company places its products and expertise at the service of the automotive, pump, ventilation, power tools, hand tools, generators, industrial motors, wind turbines and transformers industries. Created in 1929 in the Doubs département, R.BOURGEOIS now has other locations in Europe (Switzerland, Czech Republic), North America (United States, Mexico) and has been present for several years in China, in Haining. R.BOURGEOIS has also signed a contract with the Haining Technical Institute for the training of its technical staff. In 2017, 28 people from the company were in further training in mechanics at the Institute.

The group has established itself in the Haining Zone 


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