Representation of Valencia España in France

The SALVEO Group is the official international representation office of the Spanish region of Valencia in France, the IVACE – Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness . We support all Spanish companies in the Valencia region that want to export to the French market.

The IVACE Institute’smission is to promote the Spanish Community of Valencia abroad and strengthen the internationalization of companies. In order to achieve this, it provides specialized consulting services and provides companies with various instruments to support internationalization with its 30 offices located around the globe.

The Institute is a public-law entity, integrated into the public sector of the Generalitat.  Its objectives are:

  • industrial policy management;
  • business support forinnovation, entrepreneurship, internationalization and investment attraction;
  • the promotion of technological enclaves, the industrial safety of products and industrial installations, metrology, vehicles and businesses and the promotion of savings, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources;
  • the management of the energy policy of the Generalitat.
  • IVACE, through IVACE INTERNACIONAL, is in charge of developing policies to support the internationalizationof companies in the Valencian Community and offers Community companies personalized services, specialized advice and financial support to facilitate businesses. exit outside.
  • To develop its skills, IVACE has a Network of Delegations Abroad located on the markets considered as a priority for companies in the Valencian Community. Its mission is twofold: to promote the internationalization of their companies, by supporting them in destination markets, and to promote the Valencian Community abroad as an investment destination.
  • Key Sectors: Agribusiness, Construction
  • Its position as the second largest port in the Mediterranean by tonnage and the number of containers, reflects the dynamism of the Valencian region.
  • To develop its skills, IVACE has a Network of Delegations Abroad located on the markets considered as a priority for companies in the Valencian Community. This network has been strengthened throughout 2017.
  • IVACE has offices in the United States (New York and Miami), Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Poland, Nordic countries, Russia, Turkey, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, Morocco, Algeria, Angola, Japan, India, Vietnam, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Canada.
  • “La Española”is the main brand of Acesur. This group is considered the oldest olive oil company in Spain.
  • The steps towards the expansion of the brand have been continuous. In 2004, it was established in Asia, reaching 10% of market share. In 2010, La Española became even more visible as it was the sponsor brand of the Spanish Pavilion’s restaurant during the Shanghai Expo. In 2011, expansion across the North, South and inland of China strengthened with the opening of new subsidiaries in the strategic points of these areas.   Finally, the international expansion of the La Española brand is well-established as it is now sold in more than 100 countries around the world.
  • The success of La Española is based on strong Research & Development and expansion in international markets.
  • In particular, the SALVEO Group has set up a meeting agenda for La Española with distributors in France.

I am happy to represent IVACE in France and contribute to the international development of Valencian companies.

Sergio FRIBOLLE, Responsable Développement International


N°Tél : +4 82 90 21 66