Tennessee Representation in France and Spain

The TN Dept. of Economic and Community Development mandated SALVEO Group as the official representative in France and Spain, for Foreign Direct Investments.
You can’t consider an implementation project in North America (Subsidiaries, production, acquisition, joint Venture, …) without considering Tennessee as a state of opportunity.

In Tennessee we manufacture cars and guitars of world class. We build batteries, refrigerators, savoury snacks and legendary whiskey.
Although other states have given up their workforce a long time ago, Tennessee never ceased to make products used all over the world.

« Foreign recruitment have been a fondamental element about TNED strategy in order to attract investments and highly qualified jobs in Tennessee », has declared Bob Rolfe, Commisionner of the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development. « We are delighted to welcome Lorenzo Vignal and Sergio Fribolle, who bring their experience and their expertise to our international team. Today, TNECD is located in 10 countries in Europe et Asia, and I’m convinced the representatives will ensure that Tennessee stays one of the main places for foreign direct investment in the USA »

In the business world, Tennessee has won a quality manufacture reputation, fiscal responsibility, and engagement for perfection
The state of Tennessee is located in the south of the USA. It is surrounded by Kentucky, Virginia, North Caroline, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas and Missouri. Nashville is the capital city of the state, and Memphis is the city the most populated city.
Tennessee has considérable mining ressources (coal, iron, …) and has a huge growth rate (about 4% a year) for a state located in the center of the Country. More than 75 compagnies are settled in Tennessee, employing more than 9200 Tennesseans. Hispanic companies hired over 900 Tennesseans.
TNECD obtained investments of 13 French companies and 4 Spanish companies for a total of 387 million dollars of investment and over 2700 professionnel engagements.
Key sector :

  • Automobile
  • Armaments
  • Food industry

Competitive tax incentives make Tennessee a smart choice for doing business. We have one of the country’s lowest per capita tax burdens, no income tax on wages, and no state property tax.

Tax credits include those based on the number of jobs created, amount invested, type of business and location. We also have credits for qualified industrial machinery purchases and a series of sales and use tax exemptions.


  • Grants made to local communities for public infrastructure improvements must be for specific infrastructure projects benefiting one or more companies committed to creating new jobs and/or making new capital investments
  • Covers infrastructure such as rail, roadway, port, airport, site, water, sewer, gas and telecommunication improvements
  • Require local matching funds based on a community’s ability to pay


  • Grant assisting new or expanding companies with funding to support the training of net new full-time employees.


  • Provides additional grant support for companies expanding or locating in Tennessee with reimbursable grants made to local industrial development boards
  • Aids companies in a variety of ways, including relocation of equipment, temporary office space, capital improvements, retrofitting and other expenditures not previously covered by FastTrack infrastructure or job training grants
  • Only used in exceptional cases where the impact of the company on a given community is significant.​


  • Amount of company investment
  • Number of new full-time jobs
  • Wages of new full-time jobs
  • Types of skills and knowledge that must be obtained
  • Location of the project

Because of its central location, Tennessee can quickly interconnect with clients and suppliers.

  • 2nd cargo airport the most crowded in the world | 6 commercial airports and 74 general aviation airports | 142 heliports
  • 3rd biggest railroad center of the USA | 4.860km of main and secondary railways
  • 4th biggest inner harbor | 1.430km of navigable ways
  • More than 153.690km of roadway | 1.900km of highway


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s.fribolle@salveo.fr | l.vignal@salveo.fr