As a key player in the international development of companies and territorial players, we are a founding member and active participant of OSCI and our services are labelled OPQCM.

Certification for “International support”

The professional management consultancy qualification office (OPQCM) was founded in 1979 by professional unions representing the consultancy branch. The purpose of its OPQCM certification is to recognize the professionalism of companies carrying out management consulting activities. Hervé Druart actively participated in the creation of this certification and involved Salveo in the process in 2002. Salveo has renewed the OPQCM certification for 20 years.

Founding and active member of OSCI

OSCI is the French federation of private companies dedicated to the international development of companies.

Salveo was one of the founding members of OSCI in 2006. Hervé Druart, our CEO, became regional delegate then administrator, during the presidencies of Gilles Rémy and Etienne Vauchez.

Since 2020, Hervé Druart has been co-President of OSCI, alongside Chloé Berndt.

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