Territorial Representation

Since 1991, we are specialised in operational support and international representation of French, European, North-American and now worldwide companies of all sizes from  SMEs to multinationals from all sectors. They work with the support of our worldwide team to increase their international sales, facilitate their establishment and secure their daily operations. Each year, there are more than 1,000 transactions involving contractual negotiations, establishment of subsidiaries, industrial sites set-up and acquisitions. We also assisted them with debt collection and managed their recruitment needs.

We believe that the ultimate step in the international development of a company is through its local presence in a target territory. This enables to get closer to its market, its teams and gain competitiveness to create growth. Thanks to our expertise and global outreach, many territories, cities, industrial parks, regions or states choose us for their territorial representation. We structure their marketing strategy, enhance their visibility and their attractiveness in order to expand their companies and to promote new Foreign Direct Investors which will create jobs and boost their economies.

Export & FDI Mandates

In each country, there are three types of regional stakeholders:

  • Those who have not yet made of Export a key strategy of the economic development of their territory and  job creation
  • Those who understand it and have spent millions with representation offices globally
  • those who understand it and who rely on private structures abroad which manage millions of accumulated turnover on behalf of their customers

The SALVEO Group has its own subsidiaries and indirect locations in more than 50 countries worldwide. We benefit from a robust experience whatever the needs and export stage of the company, from the start-up phase to the  implementation phase. In 2015, we acquired most of the subsidiaries of the regional public body of the Rhône-Alpes Region (now Auvergne Rhône-Alpes) ERAI (Entreprise Rhône-Alpes International), which filed for bankruptcy. ERAI had 27 offices and subsidiaries abroad.

Export Mandates

Several regions, provinces and states have chosen to rely on our local teams to increase the number of exporting companies in their territory. As the Permanent Representation Office of Foreign Territories for export development, our dedicated teams support hundreds of companies each year with various activities such as training of first-time exporters, operational and marketing strategy, selection and validation of target markets, establishment of distribution networks, buyers’ meetings and organisation of official delegations.

The SALVEO Group in CANADA, present for 10 years in Montreal, officially opened the EXTENDA Canada office in the fall of 2016. After his first year, EXTENDA Canada is already the 3rd most popular destinations for Andalusian companies, with a total of 42 companies participating in trade missions or individual projects, meeting more than a hundred Canadian companies.

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The SALVEO Group is the official international representation office of the Spanish region of Valencia in France, the IVACE – Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness . We support all Spanish companies in the Valencia region that want to export to the French market.

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FDI Mandates

As the Permanent Representation Office of Foreign Territories for the attraction of Foreign Direct Investors, our dedicated teams generate hundreds of jobs: territorial marketing strategy, promotion, development of a network of multipliers, screening of potential foreign direct investors, operational support during the establishment of the investors on the market.

The SALVEO Group has just been commissioned by the Tennessee State Department of Economic and Community Development to attract French and Spanish companies to its territory.

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IDE Mandates | Representation of Haining Hi-Park in China.

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Regional Economic Intelligence

Since 1993, our shareholder, the ADIT Group, the European leader in Economic Intelligence, has supported multinationals looking to secure their international growth strategy through the provision of information and strategic analysis to very strong added value. Large companies, fast-growing companies, investment funds and investment banks use the skills of the ADIT Group to develop their international projects and protect their interests around the world.

Our team carries out informative news for companies, clusters or any group of companies, newsletters and platforms for economic, competitive and technology intelligence. Members of a professional federation, for example, are  provided with a privileged access to news briefs, key studies and reports, patents, research and innovation projects, alerts on topics of interest and on all geographical areas of interest.

Our monitoring department provides local authorities with the Territorial Communities Support Platform (PACT – Plateforme d’Appui aux Collectivités Territoriales), which offers a fast access to decisive information to support operational projects, a strategic analysis and comparative studies to set up projects, to anticipate opportunities and risks. By relying on our team of analysts, the ADIT Group provides intelligence services, benchmarks and watches with high added value.


For years, countries, states, regions and technology parks have been contacting our team to build a territorial marketing plan. Our teams carry out onsite actions to boost and enhance the attractiveness of a region. Since 1993, we have conducted several hundred actions, especially on the strategy and feasibility of establishing clusters, the development an intelligence system for competitiveness clusters, management of technology transfer, innovation, set up of a monitoring system for international public procurement.

Data collection on investment opportunities and tailor-made arguments highlighting the main reasons for investing in a territory or in a privileged location: economy and key sectors, HR, infrastructure, incentives. We conduct a territorial benchmark to understand the state of the competitive environment.

Advice on the appropriate conditions for the success of the projects, establishment within a territory, investment schemes.

Development of detailed and adapted action plans to promote the territory and attract new investors.